Wood Fencing Installation

Are you considering replacing your current fence, or want to add a wood fence to your property in Longmont? High Grade Fencing offers professional wood fencing solutions for residential and commercial customers in Longmont and throughout the northern Colorado Front Range.

Wood fences not only offer a natural wood beauty, but they also offer privacy for your family. Furthermore, they can provide security on the property. Wood fences are a good overall fencing solution, and can increase the value of your business or residence. 

Some advantages of wood fencing include: 

  • Value: Wood fences are less expensive than steel fences, and are certainly more pleasing to they eye. The aesthetics of wood, along with their value, make them a popular choice for customers.
  • Longevity: Solid wood panel fences can last for decades, depending on the type of wood.
  • Privacy: Wood fences can provide more privacy than chain link or wire fences, depending on the type and height of your wood fence.
  • Maintenance: Wood fences are easier to repair because you can replace individual posts, rails, or pickets, when needed. You can also re-treat your wood fence periodically to extend its life.
  • Keep little ones and pets in and out: Wood fences are much more difficult for youngsters and pets to climb over, versus a chain link fence.

Cedar fences are a popular choice and are preferred by High Grade Fencing, as they are naturally durable and resistant to the weather, elements, and bugs.

The following are images of wood fences that High Grade Fencing has installed in Longmont and the surrounding areas. If you would like more info on wood fencing solutions or need a professional fencing company for wood fence installation, contact High Grade Fencing today for your free estimate!

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